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Attach ROAMpay to your phone and  be able to accept payments. This is the most secure device in the market which works on 400+ phones, capture excellent rates and is so small it can go into your pocket. For more information contact us at: 1-800-531-8575 ext 697

Valued Merchant Services offers a free cost analysis to compare your current provider to us. In addition, anyone that sends us business our way will get $50.00 when sign the client signs. We also challenge you to beat our rates, if we can’t we will pay you $250.00 Cash. Has your current processor told you about the Durbin Amendment and how it can save you money on your processing rates and fees?

Due to the overwhelming replies and inquiries VMS-Washington wants to help your business out by giving you rock bottom rates for your processing.  We also can help your business by giving you great rates for unsecured business loans with an 90% approval rate for start-ups and existing businesses.  Call or email us if you want to know more.

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VMS-Washington – Square vs. ROAMpay

A lot of potential and current clients have inquiring about an mobile device that can attach to their phone or tablet to accept credit card payments.  There are so many devices out there so I decided to do a comparison between two top products currently in service.  One is Square and the other is ROAMpay, both are good products but choosing between the two is a little more difficult and is hard to find information to compare.  After much research and calls I came to the conclusion that ROAMpay is the top device according to my research.Out of 10 categories ROAMpay received 8 out 10 and Square received 4 out to 10.

When you take a look at the comparison above you can see that the Square is free, and there’s no cost for the application but with the high rates,  high transaction fee  and a high monthly fee you’ll be paying more for this product.  Also with ROAMpay you can use this product with 400+ phones, is the most secure device in the market, has better rates and fees and the statements are easier to read.

I know everyone has certain favorites but as a business owner who’s looking for something reliable, cost effective, easy to use and has great rates, ROAMpay is the best choice.  For more information on ROAMpay and great rates contact VMS-Washington.

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VMS-Washington – ROAMpay vs Square

After doing some research I learned that the Square isn’t the best deal for business owners who need a portable device for their merchant services and want to keep costs down and save money in this “Down Economy”.  I’m always comparing ROAMpay vs other products out there.  Here’s what I found:


VMS-Washington – ROAMpay vs. Square

After reading about both products, ROAMpay has the best product and  deal out there and has more features than Square.  I know Square is free and the app is free but with all the savings vs Square you’ll save more money if you go with ROAMpay.  For more information go to Valued Merchant Services Washington website.

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Valued Merchant Services

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