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VMS-Washington - Referral Programs 3 Easy Steps

Referral Program

                                                    Team up with VMS-Washington today and maximize your
profit potential to increase your business revenue by being part of out referral program.  You hold the potential to earn greater profits by just referring clients to VMS-Washinton when they sign up, without doing any extra work.  Find clients you already have that do credit card processing or want a start a new account and just refer them to us. We will do all the work, all you have to do is the introduction.   Once the client is processing with VMS-Washington we’ll share the revenue with you, which is 15% every month.  You get this residual every month for the length of the contract which is typically 3 years and could be a as long as the person is in business processing though us. VMS-Washington invites you to join one of the most successful referral relationship programs in the industry. As a trusted leader in electronic commerce VMS has the tools and experience needed to create a profitable referral relationship for you. Our diverse portfolio consists of over 400 referral relationships of all sizes and business types, including; associations, financial institutions, franchises and internet companies.  VMS-Washington will work with you to design a program that fits your specific business model.  Whether your customers are just starting out or looking to switch processors, we can provide credit card processing solutions to help their business grow.

There are So Many Benefits to a Referral
Relationship with VMS

1.  Complete support including:

-Dedicated professionals to help launch
and manage your new referral program
– Compensation creating revenue stream
– Detailed monthly reporting on your
merchant referrals

2.  Referral partners assume no risk for potential
merchant processing losses
– We carry the risks, you get the benefits

3.  Use our simple, customizable Web page template as a
link from your website to offer FDIS processing to your
customers easily and efficiently—online application
option available

4.  One of the most comprehensive product offerings

5.  Superior customer service

 Our Second referral program is a Referral Bonus.  For every client you refer to VMS-Washington you get $50.00 when they sign up.  For a larger bonus we offer $100.00 if the business has more than 20 locations and for 25 or more we will give you $200.00.  

For every referral that results in an open merchant account, you have the opportunity to make money and your customers have an opportunity to save money.  Also if VMS-Washington cannot beat your current processor’s rate we will give you $500.00 cash.

You provide the leads…
We do the rest…
It couldn’t be easier!

Thank you,

800.531.8575 ext.697


VMS Ad35

If We Cannot Beat Your Current Rate We Will Give You $500.00 Cash.

If you’re interested and or want more information about your merchant services and better rates from an “A Rated” company contact us. VMS-Washington is having a Presidents Day Special till the end of the month. For a limited time we are offering rock bottom rates for new and existing businesses that want to save money, cut their costs and put extra cash in their wallet. If VMS-Washington cannot beat your current rate we will give you $500.00 cash.

The questions we always ask business owners are:

  • Have you checked out your current or potential merchant service company on the BBB?
  • Does your current provider or potential provider promote your business?
  • Do they have a Referral Partnerships or Referral Bonuses?
  • Does your current provider or potential provider send referrals your way?
  • Are you getting the best rates in town?
  • Has your current or potential merchant told you about the Durbin Amendment?
  • Would you want an A rated company that and will promote your business though their social media and monthly newsletters.

For this month only:

  • Rates starting at 0.25% Interchange plus
  • Transaction fees starting at 0.15 cents
  • Free eMerchant view (it’s an online portal to view your account real time)


Thank you,

800.531.8575 ext.697


I am always comparing my company to other merchant services companies. Many times past and potential clients are so stuck with wanting to go with Costco for their merchant services thinking they are getting the best deal.  After much research and calls I have come to the conclusion that Valued Merchant Services has a much better deal than Costco for many reasons.  Did you know that Costco is a third party compared to Valued Merchant Services?  That means Costco has to find a merchant services processor (Elavon) to take care of your credit card processing and by doing that you’ll have to pay more because as we all know everyone has to make money doing business.  As you can see from the comparison below Valued Merchant Services received a 15 out of 18 compared to Costco’s 6 out of 18.  We all get Costco’s mailings and emails and by looking at the promotion you think you’re getting a great deal but after everything is all said and done, you’re not.  I am a proud member of Costco and I love getting great deals and paying less for their products and services but for merchant services I wouldn’t be getting a great deal and as a business owner I want to get the best deal possible so I can keep my costs low so I can survive this “Down Economy”.

As you can see from the graph below Valued Merchant Services has better rates and fees, less BBB complaints , cheaper equipment and leases, referral programs and much more. Wouldn’t you want an A rated company that goes the extra step by putting money in your pocket and networks your business?  *Also you can see that Costco has a two year contract with an $95.00 early termination fee with no auto-renew vs. Valued Merchant Services 3 year contract with an $395.00 early termination fee with an auto-renew.  This means when your Costco contract ends in two years you’ll have to re-negotiate the contract and by doing that the rates might be higher. Valued Merchant Services has an auto-renew contract which means you can have the same rate for the length of your business, the rates will never go up but can always go down.

To sum this up, Valued Merchant Services far exceeds Costco’s (Elavon) merchant services and can provide better pricing, better customer service and additional services that they cannot provide.  We are in all 50 states and Canada, provide excellent customer service, process over 100+ million a day and we are an A rated company that can take care of all your financial needs and services.

Thank you,


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VMS-Washington – vs. Costco (Elavon)