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Business owners,

VMS-Washington is passionate about saving business owners money on their processing and cut their business costs.  How do we do it?  Simple, we provide you with A rated services, give you rock bottom rates,  help you with better business practices through our preferred partners and educate you on credit card processing.  How can we give you better rates than other merchant service providers?  We process over 100+ million a day in business which means we can ask for better rates and fees.  Due to the overwhelming replies we are eager to help business owners by giving you great rates and fees and with those great rates we also promote you business for free though our 44,000+ in our network.  What would you do with your extra savings?

  • Invest in your company?
  • Pay off some bills?
  • Buy more inventory?
  • Pay for lunch for your employees?
  • Do more advertising?

VMS-Washington helps all businesses, it doesn’t matter if you process $500 dollars a month or 500,000 a month, you’ll get great rates and fees from us.  We’ll help all types of businesses, non-profits and charities. For example:

  • Churches
  • Charities
  • Mom & Pop stores
  • Franchises
  • Grocery stores
  • Auto dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Bars & pubs
  • Hotels
  • Web based companies
  • Any and all businesses

So why pay high rates when you can be with a company that will give you low rates and fees and promote your business for free.  We ask potential clients these questions:

  • Are you happy with your current provider?
  • Do they send you referrals?
  • Do they promote your business?
  • Have you checked them out on the BBB?
  • Do they give you $50.00 per referral?
  • How many referrals have you received from them?
  • Have they told you about the Durbin Amendment?

To sum it up.  VMS-Washington will beat every processor out there and give you the best rates and if we can’t we’ll give you $500.00 cash!  Contact us if you want to save money on your processing and help you save on other business costs.

Thank you,

Michael Roberts

800-531-8575 ext. 697