Preferred Partners

Ask Us Why We All Work Together

VMS-Washington has partnered with with our preferred partners to better serve our clients to provide A rated services to businesses professionals.  Our Partners are looking for Like minded business professionals who know how to network, refer business and someone the group can count on. We are looking for:

  • Advertising/Promotions Cosultant
  • Banker
  • Business Attorney
  • Business/Sales Coach
  • Business Headhunter
  • Estate Planning Attorney
  • HR Service
  • Insurance Broker
  • Maintenance/Cleaning Service
  • Non-Profit
Barrett Adams
Phone: (425) 250-5562
Audrey Godwin
Phone:(425) 282-6915
Jon Hines
Phone: (425) 877-8020
Steven Hawkins
Phone: (425) 485-5058
Actual Networking
Phone: (206) 805-8883
Mark Young
Office: (425) 885-3677
Alexander Collins
Phone: (206) 854-7476
Your Name Goes here
Phone: (206) 374-7613