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Thank You Readers! Thank You World!

I want to first say thank you to everyone who shared a link or tweeted my blog or re-blogged my post and most importantly, everyone who downloaded my books on Amazon! I cannot be thankful enough for that! This weekend has been the best for me since the time I published my books!

I had made a promise the first day of the giveaways to let you all know how everything transpired and now I wanna honor the same! Here is the breakdown: On the first day, hundreds and hundreds of readers downloaded my books. What surprised me was this observation: readers in the UK, Germany and Spain downloaded more copies of my second book [Across The River] than my first book [My Life Sentences – A True Story]. That was turned upside down on the last day!

In North America however, more and I mean more than a thousand readers downloaded my first book [My Life Sentences – A True Story] more than my second book [Across The River]. Personally, I have no conclusion as to why that happened but one thing is for sure; the outcome was epic!

Sometimes I look through pages of my books and cannot believe my eyes what I see! I normally ask myself, how on earth did I even write that? Of course the answer is, well, a smile and a feeling of happiness inside. The fact is this: those books would mean nothing without those who go to Amazon and download them and most importantly, read from chapter to chapter! Thank you so much!

Last but not least, I reached another milestone which might be tempting to ignore but equally important! The total visitors to my blog reached 4,000 and within two days, it is now over 5,000! That is humbling! Sometimes I run out of stuff to post but when I think about my eager readers, I just get off the couch and do something..right? That is the spirit! (I started this blog a little over two months ago).

Why did I choose to write books anyway? It all started when I was in high school……NO! I will not extend this longer than it is already, I care about your time! See you next time! Thank you and stay in the path of your dreams, so that when time comes, you will be ready to catch the vision!

Please remember to subscribe to my blog on the right of this page(Home)! If you have questions on writing and publishing books, don’t hesitate to ask me through the comments section. I will respond to them with your value in my mind! Adieus! Peace!!

You can still download my books My Life Sentences – A True Story and Across The River ! Cheers!


This is written by Elisha Chirchir


I have been thinking about creating this post for a while now and I just couldn’t postpone it anymore. I want to share a few things on how I wrote my first book and got published both in print and digital formats. At the end of this post, I will give away three[3] copies of my autobiography to those interested in reading My Life Sentences – A True Story. There are no secrets to this, or it might depend on how you view it. Let us get started.

First, decide what are you want to focus in. Is it fiction or non-fiction? As far as I have come to realize, writing non-fiction is not as complicated as writing fictional genres. If you choose to write non-fiction books, make sure that you know what you are dealing with, readers would rather do other things than waste time reading nonsense. If you instead choose fictional genre, make sure that you have the creativity it takes, the characters and everything that goes into writing a great book.

After deciding what area you want to focus in,research on it, read books under the same brackets/genres, study their structures and how characters are molded and exhaust the resources out there before you start writing your book. One author once said that if you want to write fictional books, read non-fictional books and vice versa. In short, do not limit yourself to one area, after all, most fictional stories are recreated from non-fictional ones. Be creative! NB: Do you think good readers are good writers? Think about it!

Now, let me tell you something about what it took to write My Life Sentences – A True Story; the good and the scary parts of it all. As I said earlier, writing a true story is not as complicated as a fictional one[this is totally an opinion from my experience]. How would you feel if you had a print copy of a book you wrote lying on your shelf? Oh, wait. How would it feel like to have thousands of people around the world reading your personal stories – and you do not know them? The idea that you have no clue who they are helps ease your fears and that is really good! Let us look at the scary page of the whole book!

There are several reasons readers might be irritated by a true story: one could be really poor grammar and flow of the story, two could be the price of the book and of course there are more. Work on those and don’t be a victim of the rage from the readers. The best thing to do is make sure that your story is worth reading, then work on it to the finest level before putting it out there for the whole world to see. This will not only give readers the value for their money and time but also earn you respect as an upcoming author.

It is true that different people do things differently. Some would rather keep their lives private while some [me included] don’t mind sharing their stories – of course the only reason for me is to inspire others [there are other unexpected outcomes like dealing with critics, and more]. I sometimes wonder what readers think about me after reading the last page of my book. Sometimes, such thoughts keep me up way past mid-night. Every time that happens however, I read the most inspiring and encouraging reviews some of them have left on Amazonand feel better again. Another reason to keep writing!

Would you like to have your own book in print and or in Kindle Store? Start working on it. Check out the YouTube video I created below. Please watch it and good luck with your book.

Honestly, writing a book is so rewarding. You enrich readers from all over the world, whether you know them or not. You get rewarded in different ways, some of which you might never know! If you have ideas or questions on writing books, please ask them through the comments option below or contact me directly through the contact page.

I want to give the first three [3] responders my autobiography published in the Kindle Store. All you have to do is send an email with the subject [FREE BOOK] to [] and I will email you a copy of my book. This is for Kindle Owners. If you do not receive a copy, remember that I will be doing this again soon. Just be on the look out!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope it helped you jump start your writing and you are one step closer to being published! Good luck. Please subscribe to my blog!

This is written by Elisha Chirchir

I am still thinking about what I will do after receiving my final results from Udacity. I am not a party guy but am thinking of doing something really cool. Any suggestions are welcome. There are several things I have picked up along the way, and I have developed my opinions after considering everything I thought I knew and what I know now. Here are my general ideas:

I came from a Java background. After seven weeks, I still love Java so much. My opinions have changed a bit though: I think new programmers should start with Python programming language rather than C++ or Java. The big question is: if you can use a single line of code to print ‘Hello World!‘ in Python, why should you use almost six lines in either Java or C/C++? Go figure that out for yourself. Again, I am not saying Python is the best language out there because that would be an ignorant statement to make. Every language has been designed to do a certain thing.

While my views and ideas have changed, I wonder, what did you pick up from this course? I cannot afford to forget this: the friendships. I joined Udacity with two goals in mind: learn how to program in Python and secondly, make as many friends as possible. I am very sure that I have accomplished both! On my left arm, I have the programming skills I learned and on my right arm, I have friends I made – and yet I have never met them face to face! Just being able to talk to them means a lot, still. Thank you all.

So, what will I let go? A couple of things: the great moments we shared on the forums, especially when I was asking for hints only to be told that I was closer to the answer than I thought. I kept looking through my code lines and three hours later, there it was! I had it. It felt really good, and I was not surprised! Every programmer has a right to shout, jump, scream, but only after fixing a problem in his/her own code! Keep doing the same and never hold back, even when all problems have been solved!

This is my final word for today and this hexamester: This walk in search of skills will not stop here. The road to success has never been smooth. It winds up to the mountaintop from where you and I can look up to the sky and shout ‘We Made It!’. Before that day comes, we must keep fighting the bugs, working hard and going the distance. The question is: How long are you willing and able to make the strides?

I didn’t say this but I will take a photo of me after tonight wearing something like a gown – yeah, why? I don’t take graduations very lightly, even if it is just one course in question – it is an accomplishment right? Thank you for reading and remember to subscribe to my blog! You can read more about me by downloading My Life Sentences – A True Story . Thanks again!! Stay Udacious!!

Elisha Chirchir


About The Author:


If I say that I am an author, I would be untrue to myself and if I say that am a computer programmer, I would still be untrue to myself. What I can confidently say though, is that I am a little bit of both. I write column(s) for Kansas City Star Newspaper [Faith Walk section], have written my own book(s) and have taught myself to write code [and you can do it too on your own if you have the spirit]. I like charity work and anything that will help make this world a better place catches my attention! Welcome to my blog and have fun.


My whole body was exhausted after being on the computer desk for long [I don’t recommend this]. Just before that, I had arrived home from a group service [Serving With Hope] where I met very great people. In my mind however, thoughts were streaming endlessly. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what I personally could do to make this world a better place. There was fire burning inside me!

I will only talk about one of the thoughts I had: Embracing new people in my life. That brings the word ‘strangers’ into my mind. I have to admit this: I am not the kind of person that easily starts conversations with strangers although that contradicts some of the things I have already done like publishing My Life Sentences autobiography. Still, I ask myself whether I can do better than being shy or not. If I find out that someone might be interested in talking to me, then it only takes me a short time to get involved. There is one secret many people do not know: most people like talking about themselves, so, give them that chance – this is a secret, no longer!

Here is my experience on Love – as far as other human beings are concerned: In the past year, I have interacted with many different people, most of them had nothing to do with what I do. At the beginning of the connections, I asked myself whether they were genuine or just interested in something else. I have learned since then that most people just want to do good things. So what exactly does it mean to do a good thing to someone else? That is a totally endless topic to discuss. I feel like doing something good to someone else means showing unconditional love.

My challenge to my readers is this: ask yourself, what have you done to show that you care, not just about your friends or family or your country, what about strangers? Have you made a difference?This is definitely not a demand. I have faced the same challenges, I still face them today and sometimes, I just have no idea where to start doing something One expert once said that the hardest thing to do is to start something.

Every week, I start conversations with new people. What is my goal? Simple, I want to learn new things from them, listen to what they say and that way, they will listen to me as well. Every first time contact is covered by the unexpected, the unknown reactions and of course the last impression I will make. The other thing is, I want to extend what I know, my opinions on things, share with them what I have in mind and finally make this world a better place.

Finally, if you love something, you will do all you can to see it in the shape you want[good]. Learn to talk to people, you never know how helpful you could be. Learn to listen to others, you just have no idea what you do not know. To all my readers out there, you are the best friends I have, you are the people I can share my stories and feelings with. I wish I could do more to make this world a better home for all of us.

Show some love. Pass it on. Life is worth living, because of love. This world, after all, could use some love. What do you think? Respond below this post!

Thank you for reading. Got questions? Ask in the comments section, I will respond to them!


About The Author:


If I say that I am a author, I would be untrue to myself and if I say that am a computer programmer, I would still be untrue to myself. What I can confidently say though, is that I am little bit of both. I write column(s) for Kansas City Star Newspaper [Faith Walk section], have written my own book(s) and have taught myself to write code [and you can do it too on your own if you have the spirit]. I like charity work and anything that will help make this world a better place catches my attention! Welcome to my blog and have fun.

“How do we drive Social Interaction?” This is question that motivates Ian Mackie, Senior Client Manager of Point It. You need to pick out relevant information about what you offer and share that with your audience. That relevance is what helps you to analyze who your demographic is and how to best customize your marketing.

Ian mentioned a Point It client that had spent $5,000 per week marketing their site while using Google Analytics – but they never analyzed the collected data! He warns that in order for analysis to be useful you must spend time actually analyzing the data you collect! Implementing Google Analytics to your website is rather simple, but you should commit to the time and effort each week to analyzing your results and adjusting your marketing plan as it evolves.

Market researchers are targeting mobile users in a new and different ways, aiming to not regurgitate the same ads over and over again to their audiences and find ways to make mobile applications user-friendly.

Ian Mackie, Point It Inc. ~ © Fire Eyes Photography 2012

Julian Michaels of Kreate Professionasl Network moderated this panel discussion about Social-Local-Mobile (So-Lo-Mo), which is a current hot topic in the realm of the mobility of technological interaction. His aim, via Kreate Networking events, is to give business owners access to great resources, ideas, and the opportunity to build relationships in the Seattle and Eastside professional communities.

Julian Michael, Founder of Kreate ~ © Fire Eyes Photography 2012

“We labeled it ‘mobile’ because it’s new and it’s natural context,” said Bryan Zug, founder of Bootstrapper Studios & Co-Producer of IGNITE Seattle. Smartphones make it easier to view full content websites, but it would be wise to build your online presence to be “mobile-ready.” Many people are on-the-go and want to utilize their time and their mobile devices for information and content.

There are a few applications that can help convert your website to be mobile-ready and may be worth looking into. Some companies are shifting their entire business models to serve clients using mobile apps like the ones for tablets and smartphones. Consider looking locally, to a company like Point It to help with your full mobile integration.

Bryan Zug, Founder of Bootstrapper Studios & IGNITE ~ © Fire Eyes Photography 2012

My company is Fire Eyes Photography and as a photographer I work with the visual aspects of my field on a daily basis. Images are paramount in showcasing the services I offer to my clients. Having the ability to utilize photographs to draw in my audience essential, especially with the intent of easy mobile share-ability. My blog automatically converts for easy mobile device viewing. You may already know this if you are reading this post on your device! The formatting is simple and easy-to-read and  the text and photographs show correctly whether viewing your device in a vertical or horizontal manner. Make it easy for your audience to do business with you and they’ll thank you for it!

© Fire Eyes Photography

Ian also spoke about clients’ expectations of social media and mobile application and said that Point It clients want to know what their Return on Investment (ROI) is. Since that is hard to pinpoint, Ian’s advice is that it’s important for your business name to be out there, utilizing social media immediately so that you can begin to build your brand. Build your followers through relevant content and draw your audience in via Twitter, Facebook,Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Make sure you’re asking your colleagues and professional associates about how they reach their clients and look for new ideas that may be worth implementing for your own business and branding. Not every avenue is a surefire hit, but as our panelists pointed out, they can be very low risk and therefore worth trying.

~Written by Trishann Couvillion, Founder of Fire Eyes Photography

(on Twitter @fire eyes)

About Trishann Couvillion

Best corporate event photographer and business & headshots photographer in Seattle. Many top Seattle and Silicon Valley companies work with Trishann Couvillion of Fire Eyes Photography. Well-known individuals such as Steve Ballmer (CEO and President of Microsoft), Dennis Miller, Christopher Gardner, Michael Lewis and many others have been photographed by Ms. Couvillion. Check out her corporate website @

When I moved to the United States for my higher education from Kenya, Africa, I had my worries and expectations. The fact is that I was not naïve to life as a young man. Back at home, I had earned my high school certificate after four years of walking to and from school. The dream of studying abroad came true when I landed in New York City in the Fall of 08. Whatever was ahead of me remained unknown until the day when so many things started to demonstrate that it wasn’t what I had in mind? Inside me, a reminder kept popping up. I wanted to share my personal story with the world. That was the least I could do with my own hands and memories. So I did.

In 1987, I was born to a family of 14. Nothing looked unusual at all, except the number? What was there to hate or like? As kids, we walked, played, sang, listened to stories and did pretty much anything other kids do (mark my word: not everything but anything). The only difference however, was that we learned to make do with what we had. No fantasies, no heroes and nothing to brag about. I was not different. I was just like everyone else. The green fields and blue skies did not last. Things changed, one at a time. Some changes were natural and teary while some were not. Was our family ready for them? Oh, wait, was anyone, regardless of who they were, ready for them? I had no clue.

It makes me cry inside every time I think of that story. How did that happen? Am I dreaming or it really happened? It is hard to believe or come to terms with losing five siblings. My family lost five siblings. That was tough to handle. There was no war that took them away; there were no accidents or natural disasters. There was death. It is true that no one can surely say that they will be living tomorrow. With that number cut short by death, I looked to the skies and wondered like the rest of the humans who have lost their loved ones: why me? There has never been a satisfying answer to that question and that is why I asked for confidence to share my story through My Life Sentences.

First, writing and publishing my personal life was not and still isn’t easy for me. I feel lifted up whenever a reader downloads a copy on Amazon but I ask myself what they will think after they read the last sentence of the book. Will they be inspired to do more or they will resent me? Should I just not imagine what they will do? I do not know. With thousands of readers already knowing my story, I feel a little relieved but that is not all I wanted. I want to share it with more. I kindly request you to read it: My Life Sentences – A True Story.

When I came to the United States, I thought my life would change for the better. I was partly right and partly wrong. I have learned so much in less than four years. I am a better person today than I was yesterday. Life, to me, means doing good to others and even with that in mind, I feel like I have not done enough myself to make this world a better place. There is a fight inside me, one side wants to win and the other side hates losing. It is hard. Everything is new again; the future is filled with hope and enthusiasm, and that is the better part.

What compelled me to write my story and put it out there for the whole world to see through it was the inner desire to inspire others. What I know is that we can all achieve it when we choose to try. Through adversity, you can choose to succumb and fade off or walk out stronger than ever. Tomorrow is not the end of the world, but we never know! Finally, to everyone out there who wants to read a different kind of story, you can read the first chapter of my memoir for FREE using this link My Life Sentences – A True Story.

NB: While not writing, I learn to play piano, do volunteer work and write columns for the Kansas City Star Newspaper. I currently live in Liberty, Missouri, United States. I can also be found at Thank you!

This is written by Elisha Chirchir []

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In this business, I’m sure you’ve discovered that you’re not selling yourself as much as you’re selling your package. After all, it’s the package, not you, that gets passed around to committee members at the decision-making meeting. It’s fair to assume that you’ll have some stiff competition.

Does your promotional material truly represent you? Does it have great design along with strong testimonials from people with great credentials? How about a solid client list of groups that you’ve spoken to? And a recent professional photo? Those are the basics you’ll need to just compete and here’s – in my very biased view– what will make you outstanding? Great speech titles are essential, much like the handle on your coffee mug.

You want titles that will draw in your prospect and make them inclined to hire you because they personally would like to hear your speech. Rarely does one person have decision-making power but each person on the committee certainly has persuasive power. Would YOU hire you?  If not, you’ve got some work to do!

 I’ve created an assessment form that has proven to be an extremely useful clarifying exercise for the speakers I work with one-on-one. It really opens their eyes to their strengths and weaknesses in their speaking career. I’ve recently spent hours making it even more comprehensive and thorough. While usually it’s part of my consulting package, I’m offering it to my subscribers free of charge as a way to test the new upgraded audit. Only until February 25th though, and after that I will be charging for it. Sign up for our newsletter right away to get your copy.



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