Did You Bet On The Superbowl And Lost?

Posted: 6 February, 2013 in Credit Card Processing

We Can Save You 20-50% Off Your Current Provider.



If you’re interested and or want more information about your merchant services and better rates from an “A Rated” company contact us. VMS-Washington is giving businesses the 2013 Deal of the Year.  For a limited time we are offering rock bottom rates for new and existing businesses.  The questions we always ask business owners are:

  • Have you checked out your current or potential merchant service company on the BBB?
  • Does your current provider or potential provider promote your business?
  • Does your current provider or potential provider send referrals your way?
  • Are you getting the best rates in town?
  • Has your current or potential merchant told you about the Durbin Amendment?

Wouldn’t you want an A rated company that and will promote your business though their social media and monthly newsletters.  For more information contact us.

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800.531.8575 ext.697


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