VMS-Washington vs. PayPal

I am always comparing my company to other merchant services companies. Many times past and potential clients are so stuck with wanting to go with PayPal for their merchant services thinking they are getting the best deal.  After much research and calls I have come to the conclusion that Valued Merchant Services has a much better deal than PayPal for many reasons.  Valued Merchant Services has better rates 1.69%-2.99% vs PayPal’s 2.50%-3.50%, Transaction fee of 15c-25cents vs. 28c-35cents per transaction, less BBB complaints (4) vs PayPa’ls BBB complaints (6569), 24/7/365 customer service vs. 9am-10pm Monday – Friday customer service which is very important if you need help with your problems and or concerns, Valued Merchant Services has next day funding and PayPal doesn’t and finally VMS has a 3 year contract which means your rates will never go up but can always go down vs. PayPal’s month to month which means they can raise their rates when they feel like it.

Yes, PayPal has no Annual fee, no PCI Compliance fee and no monthly minimum fee but you have to realize that with the high rates and fees how much would you save by having low rates and fees vs. getting those features for free?  The annual fee for VMS is $75.00 a year and the PCI fee is $120.00 a year which adds to $195.00.  To break it down think of it this way:  If you process over $10,000 a month with an average rate for VMS at 2.35% vs. PayPal’s average rate of 3.00%, the average savings per month is $200.00 if you process with VMS.  So over 12 months your savings is $1200.00 and if you deduct $195.00 for the PCI fee and Annual fee your total savings with VMS is $1005.00 a year.

To sum this up, Valued Merchant Services far exceeds PayPal’s merchant services and can provide better pricing, better customer service and additional services that they cannot provide.  We are in all 50 states and Canada, provide excellent customer service, process over 100+ million a day and we are an A rated company that can take care of all your financial needs and services.  Due to overwhelming replies, questions and needs for our services please contact us and we will gladly help you.

Thank you,

Michael Roberts

National Sales Director
(800) 531-8575 ext. 697

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VMS-Washington vs. PayPal

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