I am always comparing my company to other merchant services companies. Many times past and potential clients are so stuck with wanting to go with Costco for their merchant services thinking they are getting the best deal.  After much research and calls I have come to the conclusion that Valued Merchant Services has a much better deal than Costco for many reasons.  Did you know that Costco is a third party compared to Valued Merchant Services?  That means Costco has to find a merchant services processor (Elavon) to take care of your credit card processing and by doing that you’ll have to pay more because as we all know everyone has to make money doing business.  As you can see from the comparison below Valued Merchant Services received a 15 out of 18 compared to Costco’s 6 out of 18.  We all get Costco’s mailings and emails and by looking at the promotion you think you’re getting a great deal but after everything is all said and done, you’re not.  I am a proud member of Costco and I love getting great deals and paying less for their products and services but for merchant services I wouldn’t be getting a great deal and as a business owner I want to get the best deal possible so I can keep my costs low so I can survive this “Down Economy”.

As you can see from the graph below Valued Merchant Services has better rates and fees, less BBB complaints , cheaper equipment and leases, referral programs and much more. Wouldn’t you want an A rated company that goes the extra step by putting money in your pocket and networks your business?  *Also you can see that Costco has a two year contract with an $95.00 early termination fee with no auto-renew vs. Valued Merchant Services 3 year contract with an $395.00 early termination fee with an auto-renew.  This means when your Costco contract ends in two years you’ll have to re-negotiate the contract and by doing that the rates might be higher. Valued Merchant Services has an auto-renew contract which means you can have the same rate for the length of your business, the rates will never go up but can always go down.

To sum this up, Valued Merchant Services far exceeds Costco’s (Elavon) merchant services and can provide better pricing, better customer service and additional services that they cannot provide.  We are in all 50 states and Canada, provide excellent customer service, process over 100+ million a day and we are an A rated company that can take care of all your financial needs and services.

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Email: washington@valuedmerchants.com
Website: www.vms-washington.com
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VMS-Washington – vs. Costco (Elavon)

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