I am still thinking about what I will do after receiving my final results from Udacity. I am not a party guy but am thinking of doing something really cool. Any suggestions are welcome. There are several things I have picked up along the way, and I have developed my opinions after considering everything I thought I knew and what I know now. Here are my general ideas:

I came from a Java background. After seven weeks, I still love Java so much. My opinions have changed a bit though: I think new programmers should start with Python programming language rather than C++ or Java. The big question is: if you can use a single line of code to print ‘Hello World!‘ in Python, why should you use almost six lines in either Java or C/C++? Go figure that out for yourself. Again, I am not saying Python is the best language out there because that would be an ignorant statement to make. Every language has been designed to do a certain thing.

While my views and ideas have changed, I wonder, what did you pick up from this course? I cannot afford to forget this: the friendships. I joined Udacity with two goals in mind: learn how to program in Python and secondly, make as many friends as possible. I am very sure that I have accomplished both! On my left arm, I have the programming skills I learned and on my right arm, I have friends I made – and yet I have never met them face to face! Just being able to talk to them means a lot, still. Thank you all.

So, what will I let go? A couple of things: the great moments we shared on the forums, especially when I was asking for hints only to be told that I was closer to the answer than I thought. I kept looking through my code lines and three hours later, there it was! I had it. It felt really good, and I was not surprised! Every programmer has a right to shout, jump, scream, but only after fixing a problem in his/her own code! Keep doing the same and never hold back, even when all problems have been solved!

This is my final word for today and this hexamester: This walk in search of skills will not stop here. The road to success has never been smooth. It winds up to the mountaintop from where you and I can look up to the sky and shout ‘We Made It!’. Before that day comes, we must keep fighting the bugs, working hard and going the distance. The question is: How long are you willing and able to make the strides?

I didn’t say this but I will take a photo of me after tonight wearing something like a gown – yeah, why? I don’t take graduations very lightly, even if it is just one course in question – it is an accomplishment right? Thank you for reading and remember to subscribe to my blog! You can read more about me by downloading My Life Sentences – A True Story . Thanks again!! Stay Udacious!!

Elisha Chirchir


About The Author:


If I say that I am an author, I would be untrue to myself and if I say that am a computer programmer, I would still be untrue to myself. What I can confidently say though, is that I am a little bit of both. I write column(s) for Kansas City Star Newspaper [Faith Walk section], have written my own book(s) and have taught myself to write code [and you can do it too on your own if you have the spirit]. I like charity work and anything that will help make this world a better place catches my attention! Welcome to my blog and have fun.


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