You’re Outstanding but Do You Stand Out?

Posted: 11 February, 2012 in Public Speaking
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In this business, I’m sure you’ve discovered that you’re not selling yourself as much as you’re selling your package. After all, it’s the package, not you, that gets passed around to committee members at the decision-making meeting. It’s fair to assume that you’ll have some stiff competition.

Does your promotional material truly represent you? Does it have great design along with strong testimonials from people with great credentials? How about a solid client list of groups that you’ve spoken to? And a recent professional photo? Those are the basics you’ll need to just compete and here’s – in my very biased view– what will make you outstanding? Great speech titles are essential, much like the handle on your coffee mug.

You want titles that will draw in your prospect and make them inclined to hire you because they personally would like to hear your speech. Rarely does one person have decision-making power but each person on the committee certainly has persuasive power. Would YOU hire you?  If not, you’ve got some work to do!

 I’ve created an assessment form that has proven to be an extremely useful clarifying exercise for the speakers I work with one-on-one. It really opens their eyes to their strengths and weaknesses in their speaking career. I’ve recently spent hours making it even more comprehensive and thorough. While usually it’s part of my consulting package, I’m offering it to my subscribers free of charge as a way to test the new upgraded audit. Only until February 25th though, and after that I will be charging for it. Sign up for our newsletter right away to get your copy.



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  1. mbelk says:

    Nice post It can be hard to stand out. I am pretty confident but if no one else thinks highly of me it does not matter. thanks

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